What is Electosurgery?

Electrosurgery (particularly electrocoagulation) is sometimes incorrectly called diathermy. Diathermy is produced by rotation of molecular dipoles in high frequency alternating electric field.

What type of electrosurgery is used at Enhance Skin Clinics?

At Enhance Skin Clinics, Dr Doron Boone uses a Hyfrecator device to perform simple skin monopolar electrosurgery to produce high voltage and low amperage current. This produces minimal collateral tissue damage..

Electrofulguration and electrodesiccation techniques are used to remove superficial lesions that are unlikely to bleed too much, such as seborrhoeic keratoses.

What is electrofulguration and for what conditions is it used to treat?


  • Electrofulguration causes superficial tissue dehydration and carbonisation.
  • Electrofulguration is used to treat skin tags and protruding warty lesions such as seborrhoeic keratoses, xanthelasma and dermatosis papulosa nigra and to coagulate skin blemishes such as Campbell de Morgan spots.
  • A high voltage allows current to overcome resistance of air gap between tissue and electrode tip.
  • What is Electrodessication and what is it used to treat?


  • With electrodessication, the electrode contacts skin directly resulting in dehydration of the skin surface and slightly deeper skin to produce a dry coagulum on the skin surface.
  • Electrodessication is used to remove flat seborrhoeic keratoses and lesions under the skin such as milia, comedones, sebaceous hyperplasia and molluscum contagiosum.
  • Treated areas usually heal rapidly with minimal scarring or loss of pigment

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