Elliptical Excision

Excision biopsy is performed to completely remove the mole. The full thickness of the skin is removed and the wound is finely sutured (stitched). The specimen is sent to the laboratory for detailed microscopic examination (histology). The resulting scar may be just a thin line, but very occasionally this may be more noticeable than the original mole.

Skin coloured moles are safe to remove and usually don’t require any further analysis once they have been appropriately diagnosed. However, moles which are not skin coloured or that contain pigment usually do require microscopic analysis (histopathology) to rule out certain forms of skin-cancer. The cost of specialist laboratory analysis to analyse the first mole removed is included in our fees. However, if more than one mole is removed and requires analysis, then an additional fee of £90 per sample will be charged. After the procedure, we will write to you and your doctor with the results of the histological analysis to confirm the outcome and for reassurance.

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