Chin reshaping and chin crease correction

Chin Crease correction

Chin crease: may be filled with dermal filler to smooth the wrinkle/ line / fold if antiwrinkle injections are not sufficient to correct this problem.

As we age a horizontal chin crease (the mental crease) can develop and may be associated with chin puckering. This is caused by over-contraction of the mentalis muscle in the chin, which can look unattractive and aging.

Relaxing the muscle responsible for the mental crease can give a more attractive and youthful appearance.

The first line treatment for chin crease correction is use of muscle relaxing injections. The area may be improved even further by injecting a little dermal filler if the crease is particularly deep.

Chin reshaping with dermal filler:

If you are unhappy with the shape of your chin and would prefer it to be more square or pointed and do not wish to undergo invasive surgery, then dermal filler may be the ideal non surgical solution for you. We can reshape your chin to make it more square or pointed depending on your individual preference. The results can be seen immediately after treatment.

Chin enlargement:

A recessive, under-formed chin may be genetic and can affect a person’s overall appearance and self-confidence. Expert use of dermal fillers can create a chin with a stronger profile.

Chin Reshaping Before Chin Reshaping After