Down-turning Mouth corners (Sad mouth)

We can lift your sad mouth corners and bring back your happy smile.

You may have noticed a turning down of the corners of your mouth. When this happens it can make you look permanently sad or even upset. Sometimes this change in appearance of the mouth may develop with age, creating a sad or grumpy expression.

This may simply be corrected with two simple muscle relaxing injections to release the muscles that cause this down turning, making you look happier and more youthful.

Sometimes a little filler here, along with tiny amounts of the muscle relaxants is necessary to give extra lift to the corners of your mouth. Taking away those sad mouth corners without interfering with movement helps to give a softer, more refreshed look.

This is an ideal treatment if people are constantly asking you “what’s wrong” or “are you ok?” It can make you look and feel happier and can change not only people’s perception of you but the way they interact with you too.

Down-turning Mouth corners before Down-turning Mouth corners before