Facial Slimming

One of the principle causes for a square contour to the lower face and jaw is excessive build-up of the jaw muscles (masseter). This may be caused by chronic tension, age, stress and grinding of teeth (Bruxism).

Reducing the bulk of the masseter muscles on each side of the face produces a slimming effect. Your face will also feel softer and more relaxed.

This can be achieved by expert placement of relaxing injections into the masseter muscles, to deliver the best aesthetic result for you.

This treatment is a highly effective non-surgical solution for reducing the width and shape of the lower face and jaw line.

Many dentists recommend this treatment to reduce tension in the jaw muscles, and lessen the effects of teeth grinding.

However, not everyone will be suitable for this treatment for instance in cases where the facial widening is due to excess fat rather than excess muscle in the lower half of the face.

After the treatment you may find that your jaw muscles may tire more easily when chewing tough food. Full relaxation may take up to a month to develop. The results are temporary and the muscles will again strengthen over time. The treatment will need to be repeated to maintain the results long-term but over time can last up to 9 months. As for all of our procedures, Dr Jenny is committed to help you achieve the best possible results, taking into account your individual needs and goals.

Facial Slimming Before Facial Slimming After