Jaw Lift

The jaw lift is also known as the ‘Nefertiti lift’.

Jaw lift is a very effective way to produce a youthful, elegant appearance to the neck and jaw line.

Drooping along the jaw line and jowls is a common problem associated with ageing, especially when it occurs in conjunction with a loss of facial volume. It can make you appear older than you are, and people may perceive you as unhappy, due to down-turning at the corners of the mouth.

This treatment is designed to help define the jaw and enhance facial slimming. The small injections, given along the jaw line, relax the muscles that pull down on the jaw allowing the other facial muscles to ‘lift’ the jaw line.

This treatment can be combined with other wrinkle-relaxing, facial slimming and lifting treatments to produce a non-surgical full facial lift.

This treatment is generally very well tolerated, as there are very few side effects associated with this procedure.

The effects of this treatment are likely to be less noticeable if there is excess facial fat in the area, such as a double chin. For optimum results, treatment every 3 to 4 months is recommended.

Dr Jenny is committed to helping you achieve the best possible aesthetic result and will tailor your treatment to fully take into account your individual needs and goals.

During your consultation Dr Jennifer Boone will individually tailor your treatments to achieve your desired result.

Jawlift before Jawlift after