Micro-Sclerotherapy – For effective treatment of those thread veins on the legs.

Do thread veins on your legs hamper your enjoyment of holiday’s and make you feel self-conscious when wearing shorts, skirts and swimming costumes?

Would you like to be able to bear your legs with confidence?

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating thread veins on the legs. This is a straight forward, safe non-surgical procedure, when performed by an experienced skilled doctor, such as Dr Jennifer. Microsclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosant solution into those unsightly thread veins and larger reticular veins using a very fine needle. The veins recede and over the course of a number of treatments disappear completely.

The sclerosant we use at Enhance skin clinics is fully licenced, highly effective and has the best safety record.

Although some patients choose to leave their stockings on for a minimum of three days and achieve very good results, to achieve the very best results, we recommend wearing graduated compression stockings for a full 14 days and nights after treatment. The patients who enjoy the very best treatment results are the ones who religiously keep their stockings on without interruption for the full fortnight.

Although we follow very strict guidelines to get the very best results, the one thing we are unable to do is to stop new thread veins from appearing.

Micro-Sclerotherapy Before Micro-Sclerotherapy After Micro-Sclerotherapy Before Micro-Sclerotherapy After