Platysmal Bands (neck cords)

The Platysma is a thin muscle under the skin of the neck that spreads from the chest, up the neck to the jaw. As you age this muscle can separate into rope like bands, creating a ‘Turkey neck’ appearance when it contracts. These vertical neck bands are due to hyperactivity of strands of the Platysma muscle, which become more pronounced as the skin of the neck thins with age. Eventually these bands may even be present at rest.

Tiny doses of Botulinum toxin injected into these neck cords help relax the muscle and restore the natural contour of the neck. For some, this minimally invasive procedure is an option for those interested in neck rejuvenation without extensive surgery. This is often combined with a Nefertiti face lift. (lower face non-surgical facelift).

Platysmal Bands (neck cords) Before Platysmal Bands (neck cords) After